Where To Next?

Travelling with teens and hurtling through my mid-lifestyle.


Bacar at the Pullman: a decadent lunch in Sydney’s west.

duck with raspberries Bacar

I’m not usually one to turn down an invitation to lunch, but my workload is so ridiculous at the moment I seem to be turning them down on a regular basis.

So I feel especially pleased with myself for accepting an invitation to lunch at Bacar, at the Pullman in Sydney Olympic Park – well worth skiving off work for a couple of hours. Continue reading


Tasting Adelaide

The Mushroom Man, Adelaide Central Market

Last week I was given the chance to eat my way through a few days in Adelaide at the Tasting Australia festival. Tasting Australia is South Australia’s annual celebration of eating and drinking, and it seems as good a reason as any to spend the weekend eating.

The festival includes a series of hosted breakfasts, lunches, dinners, cooking classes, food experiences, tours and workshops presented by the nation’s best chefs, winemakers and producers. I’m salivating just thinking about it.

Two days learning about food – eating it, making it, writing about it and photographing – it with a group of very talented food and travel bloggers from around Australia at the breakout event Words To Go.

Who would say no to that? Not me. And as an added bonus, I get to share an apartment with my good friend, blogger Seana Smith, who blogs over at Sydney Kids Food & Travel.

While I’m here I’ll also be on the lookout for things the teens will enjoy, and to be honest, as they all love good food AND staying in hotels it probably won’t be too hard. Continue reading


Dining out with teens and learning Shotgun rules.

bento box, Mira Restaurant, Manly

Every now and then I get the urge to take the kids out for a civilised meal. A treat. Usually its someone’s birthday, but today, I figured as I’ll be travelling a fair bit next month (without them), I’d just treat them (and myself) for no reason.

Taking three teenagers out to lunch is never completely stress free, but I can at least remove one thing to argue about and suggest Japanese. None of the kids in our house would ever say no to that.

There’s a place near us in Manly called Mira, and I have to say, it’s as close to Tokyo as I’ve found in Sydney (well on the Northern Beaches anyway).

Any car trip with the kids of course requires the mandatory argument over who gets to sit it the front seat. When they were younger I could get around this easily by not allowing ANY of them to sit in the front seat. But they’re all too big now. So I try my best to stay out of it and allow the rules of “Shotgun” to apply.

And there are, apparently, WIDELY ACKNOWLEDGED rules. Here was me thinking it was just my kids. So for the uninitiated… read on. Continue reading


Berowra Waters Inn: a weekend away in a day.

Beetroot and liquorice cream cheese dessert, Berowra Waters Inn.

Everyone needs time out, even if it’s a for a few measly hours, and if (like me) you’re a bit time poor, here’s a great way to get away from it all: lunchtime degustation. INDULGENCE!

I like to think of it as a weekend away in a day. That’s just what lunch at Berowra Waters Inn feels like anyway, especially if you arrive by seaplane. Continue reading


How to avoid single-use plastic on holiday: 6 Top Tips

Plastic pollution, Cocos Keeling Islands.

Plastic is choking our oceans, killing marine life and polluting our beaches. Most places you travel you’ll see evidence of plastic pollution and yet most people don’t even realize that we’re all responsible for this.

We live in a disposable age. We eat takeaway food, drink takeaway coffee, sip freshly squeezed juice from plastic cups with plastic lids and plastic straws.

So why don’t we ever think about how all of this single-use plastic is disposed of? We feel good about ourselves for remembering to pop our disposable plastic in the recycling. We probably feel good about ourselves for drinking freshly squeezed juice.

But how often do we think about what happens to this plastic when it’s thrown away? Do many of us actually know how much is actually able to be recycled?

And why the hell do we need to drink bottled water anyway? In a country where water is; a) safe to drink, b) FREE.

When you’re travelling sometimes it’s harder to avoid disposables, so here are my Top 6 Tips to help you consume less single-use plastic while on holiday. Continue reading


Snow monsters, sashimi and thigh-deep powder: reasons to ski Shiga Kogen

Shiga Kogen, the view from Mt Yokoteyama

The view from the top of Mt Yokoteyama is spectacular. At 2307m, this is the highest peak here at Shiga Kogen, Japan’s largest mountain resort.

As it’s taken me roughly an hour to get here via various chairlifts from my hotel, I’m inclined to take a break before I spend half the morning skiing down it. It’s actually quite dizzying looking down the path of the chairlift we’ve just ridden up here on.

I take the obligatory selfie by the sign that says 2307m before heading into the warm and cozy “Highest Starbucks in Asia” for a coffee that tastes…

Continue reading