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For all those out there who’ve caught the travel bug. Here’s a few things to occupy yourself with when you can’t travel…

Being completely entrenched by the travel bug, often when I’m not travelling I get restless. Usually when this happens, I remind myself that I live in one of the most popular cities in the world – Sydney.

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Just Right: Gili Meno

Karma Resort The Reef, Gili ISlands

The Reef Resort is pretty damn glamorous and at the same time, gorgeously remote. Located on Gili Meno in the Gili Isles, it’s a short hop from Lombok or a 60-minute fast ferry ride from Bali – but being surrounded by ocean and with no motorised transport, it feels like the middle of nowhere.

We’re here for a few days to explore the surrounding coral reefs and we arrive looking far from glamorous ourselves, having jumped off a dive boat, luggage above our heads before proceeding to reception in our wet suits, dripping on the immaculate wooden floorboards.

It’s been a rather frenetic day, which started with me recovering from a night’s bout of food poisoning before our departure from Bali at the port of Padang Bai (an exercise in organised chaos that took longer than the boat ride), a bumpy trip across the Lombok Strait, transfer from ferry to dive boat, 60 minutes of coral reef and turtles and our arrival here. Phew.

Let the holiday begin.
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Meanwhile, on my other blog…

Bangka Island, Sulawesi Indonesia

We just got back from Indonesia where we visited several, amazing diving destinations over the three weeks we were away. We visited Bali, the Gili Islands, which were all just fantastic, but there is one that sticks out in my mind like no other: Bangka, in Northern Sulawesi.

Not just for its unparalleled beauty, but the fact that it’s under threat.

I’d love you to visit my other blog and help me spread the word – help stop the illegal mining activities happening on Bangka, an island too small to sustain it.



Of surfers, diving and dining on Bali’s East Coast.

Komune Surf Resort and Beach Club, Bali

This is my fourth trip to Bali, and each time I visit it seems less recognisable. But one thing has stayed the same – my preference for the East Coast.

The East Coast towns of Sanur and Candidasa are a pleasant escape from the hustle of Kuta and Seminyak or the fabricated resort world of Nusa Dua.

So it seemed natural that our first hotel choice would be somewhere like Komune Resort & Beach Club, which sits just north of Sanur. However we came to Bali to go diving, so everyone seems a bit amused that we are staying at a surf resort. But Komune Resort & Beach Club is a crowd pleaser in many ways. Continue reading


A life less ordinary and maybe a little adventurous.

The Himalayas and Mt Everest.The other day my 19-year old daughter told me she wants to climb Mount Everest. Most people’s reaction to this is to have a chuckle.

Which was my initial reaction (my partner scoffed) but then a thought popped into my head. Something a fellow travel blogger, Caz Makepeace, said recently.

She reminded us not to let other people place their own limitations on you. They don’t know what you’re capable of, because they’re not you. And I’m not Holly. Continue reading


My Kiwi bucket list for teens.

Sledging, Rotorua New Zealand

I was lucky enough this month to attend TRENZ, a tourism exchange held each year in New Zealand to enable operators from all over the country to showcase their tourism offerings to buyers and media from all over the world.

Boy – what a lot to take in. Over 300 exhibitors. As my mission is to find something my teens would like, I decided to focus on adventure. And obviously NZ has that in bucket loads.

Here is my NZ bucket list. Continue reading